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#116 & #117 - Low Roll Center Socket $15
#116 - Low Roll Center Socket $15

The Low Roll Center Socket (LRCS) replaces the rear pivot socket of T-Bar cars, increasing the rear grip of the race car. When racing on TQ or Jack the Gripper tracks or medium grip asphalt, this will be a must have, solving that last few laps of loose racecar. It will also allow more aggressive tire combinations that can lower lap times. Like any tuning aid, make sure the car does not get "too" hooked up!

The one piece assembly bolts in just like the stock part. The pivot point is lowered, but the t-bar remains at the original height and ball has the same thickness so that cross braces will still fit. It's bolt in item that creates more grip over the course of eight minutes. It come with both red and blue screws for the color savvy racer.

#117 LRCS for 10th $25

The same LRCS only two sockets for 10th scale oval applications. Two sockets
are required when running without tweak screws.

Available Now.

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