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Caster Gauge.
The Slapmaster Caster Gauge measures your actual caster from the king pin without dismantling major parts of your front end.  Simply remove the front tire, e-clip and spring.  Slide the king pin into the hole on the gauge, set your car on the set up board to read your caster, compare to the other side for evenness.  The bottom hole in the A-Frame is for 12th scale, the upper hole is for F-1 and WGT.  Made from laser cut acrylic plastic etched to 14 degrees with a highly visible florescent pink needle in the back.  This caster tools is small enough to fit easily into tool boxes.  An excellent device that will detect crash damage or for simply comparing caster to other cars.  This gauge can only work on lower sprung king pin suspensions.

The Caster Gauge is specifically made for 1/8 inch or 3mm king pins and will not work on the opposite. They are sold as singles or in pairs.

#135 1/8" Caster Gauge-single; $12
#136 3mm Caster Gauge-single; $12
#137 1/8" Caster Gauge-pair; $22
#138 3mm Caster Gauge-pair; $22


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