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MS3 Instructions.

Manual (English)

Setup Sheets:

Blank MS3 Setup Sheet (Excel Format)
Blank MS2.3 Setup Sheet (Excel Format)

[ Carpet Setups ]
MS2.3 Peel It Raceway / Carpet (Paragon)
MS2.3 Rain City Raceway / Carpet (Jack the Gripper)
MS2.3 Westcoast Hobbies / Carpet (Jack the Gripper)
MS2.3 RC PLUS Hobbies / Carpet (Jack the Gripper)

[ Asphalt Setups ]
MS2.3 Seattle Indoor Raceway / Asphalt (Jack the Gripper)
MS2.3 Seattle Indoor Raceway / Race for Grace 19T Setup

MS3 Setup Sheets:
Default MS3 Setup (pdf)

Technical Help:
— MS2.3 Build Front End
— Diff Setup

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